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When it comes to finding a Boulder dentist you can trust, while feeling relaxed every time you visit, we believe that you need to hear from our patients, not just us. From Yelp reviews to Google+ reviews, these are just a few of our dentist reviews.

“Dr. Welden has been my dentist for five years and I am continually impressed by his professionalism and care. He is thorough, communicative, and gentle. I have never had such a compassionate dentist. I sing his praises and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new dentist.”

Rachel D.

“I'm blessed with cavity-free teeth at 42, but I go here religiously twice a year for cleanings and very occasionally for a chipped tooth. I've turned two more people onto North Boulder Dental and they both said it was the best Dental experience of their lives... even the one who had drilling and filling done. He has a mouth full of metal and said he didn't realize dentistry could be painless! I've been a patient for about 15 years and have never had a bad experience. Great people, almost always on time, and always professional.”

Jerremie S.

“Even though I have some anxiety about going to the dentist, I always enjoy my appointments with Dr. Sica and his staff. They have all the newest equipment so the procedures go quickly and without discomfort. I feel like I'm receiving the best dental care possible! The entire staff is friendly, professional and a joy to interact with.”

Stacey A.

“Going to Dr. Murphy's office does not have the same feeling of going to a dentist office. His office is very professional and friendly. The place is clean and has latest equipment. People are happy there.”

Rita L.

“I've been going to North Boulder Dental since I was three years old and can honestly say that I love my dentist! I never understood why people disliked going to the dentist until my husband's first visit here: He hadn't been to the dentist in five years and I had to make the appointment and harass him into actually going. I love him to death, but he's awful at making and keeping any sort of appointment. When he got home that night, he was *excited* by how awesome the dentist was, and went right upstairs to floss after dinner! Since then, his twice-yearly hygiene appointments are the only appointments he willingly goes to! All of the dentists at North Boulder Dental are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Every time I go it seems like their equipment has gotten more state-of-the-art, too! The hygienists and assistants are gentle and respectful, and always make sure your mouth is free before asking you a question! When it comes time to pay the bill, they submit everything to insurance and then call and let you know what you owe so you don't ever have to pay more than is covered, or at least that's how it's been for me. Plus, their prices are reasonable for the type of work they do.”

Amy F.

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