Which Dental Treatments You Can Wait on and Which You Need to Schedule Today

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When it comes to dental treatments, are there some visits you can delay and others where you should get seen sooner? We’ll tell you upfront: there aren’t many dental appointments you should delay. Let’s have a look!

Dental Visits that Can Wait

During Your Pregnancy

Are you pregnant and wondering about whether to put off treatment or checkup? Rest assured that virtually every oral health issue can be dealt with safely during pregnancy. However, the safest time for dental procedures is during the second trimester of pregnancy. We understand that expecting mothers are avoiding risk during the first trimester and the third trimester can cause discomfort sitting in a dental chair!

Talk to your dentist about your oral health care, any treatments needed, and when is the best time to schedule any appointments!

Wisdom Teeth

Have you been advised that you need to get your wisdom teeth removed? The removal of wisdom teeth is quite a common situation as, for many people, they can crowd other teeth due to lack of room in the mouth.

If your wisdom teeth are not impacted or causing immediate discomfort, it’s possible to delay having them removed for a short time. Talk to your dentist about options and what would work best for you. However, don’t leave it too long or those wisdom teeth might cause other issues that can be avoided!

Heart Conditions

Are you recovering from a heart attack or experiencing unpredictable chest pain? It’s important that you consult your cardiologist about any dental treatments you may need. Many heart attack patients are advised to wait several months to allow the heart to recover before receiving any dental services. We never want to introduce a risk of the spread of bacteria in patients that are recovering from surgery or in need of a greater level of care. Talk to us about your options!

Dental Visits to Schedule Today


If you have a cavity or are experiencing pain and sensitivity of a tooth, visit the dentist ASAP! Tooth decay will never repair itself and needs attention. Decay that starts small can quickly spread bacteria and infection in your mouth. Treatments are usually quick and can be made pain-free, plus you’ll feel better to have any dental decay treated immediately!


An ache in or around a tooth may be an abscess. Other symptoms include pain while chewing or swelling of the gums. Don’t delay in making your dentist appointment. Abscesses result from infection of, or around, the root of a tooth. Treatments will remove bacteria to avoid further spread of infection and deterioration of remaining teeth and gums. Any sign of pain is a sign that you need to see your dentist soon!

Broken or Knocked-out Tooth

Chipped Tooth, Broken Tooth, North Boulder Dental GroupIf you’ve experience a tooth that has broken or been dislodged, first try and find the tooth! Keep it moist without cleaning it and get to your dentist. The sooner you visit the dentist, the greater the chance of saving the tooth or mending the chip. If it’s not possible to save a tooth, your dentist has many options to replace or fix it. You’ll be glad you got in early to evaluate how best to proceed.


If you are anxious or afraid to visit the dentist, we encourage you not to wait to make your appointment. Fear often means people haven’t visited the dentist in a while and the anxiety only grows. Talk to your dentist about any concerns you have, ask about what will happen during your appointment, and gain confidence by learning what to expect. You should never avoid a dental treatment because of anxiety or concern. We understand, we’re here to help, and we hope to see you soon!

Because delaying dental appointment can unnecessarily damage your oral health, there are really very few situations that can wait. We encourage you to plan on regular cleanings and checkups to stay on top of any issues and avoid problems. Good oral health will make you feel and look wonderful! Contact us for your next appointment!

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